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    Not much impressed with the barkeep. Anything you have to carry a separate tool around just to eject the cases doesn't work for me. I suppose you could use the cylinder pin - if it will fit in the cylinder holes... I know the NAA revolvers are designed to use the cylinder pin
    to punch out empty shells.

    I don't mind it, and the holster I bought has a place to hold the
    ejector thingy. :-)

    Doesn't surprise me. Sights on the Heritage revolvers aren't that
    good to begin with, I can certainly understand if they're off as well. They certainly weren't designed to be target pistols, that's for sure. Still, if they are "minute of tin can" accurate that would be good
    enough for me.

    LOL - very true - and that's good enough for me too. Or 'minute of torso'
    for 20 yard plinking on metal targets. :-)

    We DID pick up a new Heritage Arms .22 revolver at the last gun show. This is a Billy the Kid commerative. Rough Rider 4" barrel with Billy
    the Kid's image inscribed on the grips. Blued cylinder, barrel, hammer and trigger, the frame itself has a case hardened appearance. Looks
    nice, hopefully it will shoot nice as well.

    Wow - does sound cool!

    Yep! Right there with you! I also caught another little .22 on sale at Rural King and picked it up. I can't remember the brand now - Cimmiron maybe? What's 'different' about it is the barral is the same size as
    a .45 but the 'hole' is for a .22.

    Guess what I'm saying is that it is BIG and HEAVY...

    I have some Cimmaron .45 revolvers, very nice pieces. Don't have one
    in .22 but from what I've seen of their .45's you probably got yourself
    a nice little .22 there....

    It's better than the 'bad' Heritage I got... LOL

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