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    From Jimmy Anderson@VERT/FINALZON to Weatherman on Mon Sep 25 08:25:00 2023
    Weatherman wrote to JIMMY ANDERSON <=-

    She got a 1860 Sheriff .22 WMR. Hexagon barrel is engraved
    Independence Day 2022 and the grip has a US flag motif as well as the cylinder being blue with 50 white stars on it. Serial number begins
    with 1776. It's a bit larger than most NAA revolvers with a "typical"
    SAA shaped grip - although it IS smaller than on normal gun.

    Ah! Very cool! Sounds like a GREAT piece!

    She also picked up a winter edition revolver. Pretty much the standard NAA style revolver, but cerakoted a light blue color with a mountain engraved on one side, snow flakes on the other and white pearlite
    grips. Came with a cross-draw holster as well.

    That's the one I'm sure I saw that made me go, "yeah, I'd like to have one of those..." but never bought it...

    She's not much of a shooter any more, although she does enjoy putting a few rounds through her Woodsman every now and again. Me... I've been

    My wife hasn't been shooting much either, lately, but it's HER idea next
    week while on Fall Break to go to Natchez Trace State Park for a few days
    and stay in a cabin to 'get away.' They have a shooting range and she's excited to take 'some of daddy's guns' up there to shoot...

    having some shoulder issues so I can't shoot for very long or things
    start to get real achey... Still, I DO have some new acquisitions that are just begging to be shot.... my AR-12 being one of them....

    Ouch - yeah, I get that for sure... :(

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