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    Spanish separatists movements are all but quelled. NOne of them were ever bought with money. Try waving a Spanish flag in some areas near the Basque community - and I am not saying *in* the Basque community - and they will gang
    on you and break your face.

    What "worked" in order to eliminate terrorism was to grant terrorists the rightto a political party. Now we have separatists parties (such as Bildu) formed byex-ETA members. They no longer bomb stuff but their goals are the same and
    their determination has not diminished the least.


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    Bildu it's a coalliance, not just the former ETA/MLNV.
    It's closer to the rehash of Alianza Popular (ex-Francoists, for
    non Spaniards reading this out there) becoming the 'Partido Popular'.
    In the Popular Party you would get former Francoists
    and non-fascist center-right ones with a classical liberal (Adam Smith) side. Bildu has the same non-ETA people with the non HB folks such as Aralar or EA. It's far complex than the case you are trying depict.
    The goals of ETA were already on EA/Aralar's statements since they were born, -on non-violent terms and methods-. Ideologically EA, Aralar and HB were 95% the literal same except for the methods trying to get the independence.
    it just happened HB was the only Basque party who supported the violence.
    Then HB was merged with EA and Aralar as Sortu while publicly being against ETA (with judiciary proofs) and then the terrorist band was thrown
    into the dumpster of the History.

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